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Functional Gut Health Consulting

Helping motivated women resolve digestive issues (at the root), so they can finally reclaim their health and stop missing out on life.


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1:1 Support

 Get personalized 1:1 sessions, direct messaging & unlimited guidance to empower your success.

Functional Lab Testing

Access customized functional lab testing recommendations to provide data-driven answers for nutrient deficiencies, gut imbalances & inflammation.

Personalized Protocols

Receive bio-individualized protocols based on your history, lifestyle & lab results.You deserve a plan that’s as unique as you are.

Optimized Digestion

Nourish your foundation for gut, mood & hormone balance. You will be able to break down and absorb nutrients from your food without discomfort. 

Boundless Energy

Get protocols that allow you to experience consistent levels of energy throughout the day & enjoy life again without having to reach for caffeine.

Clarity & Confidence

Uncover & resolve the reasons for your health struggles while gaining confidence to manage your symptoms naturally.

Hi, I'm Stephanie Dadds

Your Gut Health Expert

I'm also a board certified family nurse practitioner, functional medicine health consultant, wife, and momma of 2 beautiful girls.

Not long ago, I was immersed in the fast-paced world of conventional medicine, passionately helping women like you navigate their health concerns. Yet, I felt like I was constantly coming up short. I was struggling to find REAL SOLUTIONS for my patients and even myself.

Frustrated with the limitations of conventional approaches, I set out to heal myself and find root causes through a functional medicine approach. 

As I embraced functional medicine principles, a profound shift occurred in my own well-being. My energy returned, digestive issues faded away, and I found a newfound sense of balance. Empowered by my personal transformation, I knew I had to share this approach with the incredible women I had dedicated my career to serving.

Today, I am honored to teach women how to cultivate resilience, balance, and sustainable health practices. I can't wait to partner with you! 

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“Beat the Bloat” Guide & Assessment

Ready to kickstart your journey to a healthier & happier belly? Check out my free Beat the Bloat self-assessment + guide! You’ll receive my TOP foundational steps to quickly experience relief, and feel empowered to take the next step in your health journey!

Sound familiar?

You’ve spent a wild amount of time searching Google for answers, thinking of all the worst case-scenarios as you collect more & more questions and feel more… stuck.

You’re trying to eat all the right foods, take all the trendy gut health supplements, and implement all the right strategies, but honestly…it feels like a lot to manage.

You’re frustrated with how these symptoms are beginning to impact every area of your life, and you’re worried you’ll never go back to feeling like the woman you know you are.

You’re stressed about the amount of time, money and energy you’ve wasted trying to resolve your digestive issues to no avail.


Let’s Work Together

Join my 4-month, transformational program designed to uncover the root of your digestive symptoms, restore your energy, and finally achieve balance in your health & life.

Take a Peek Inside…

High Touch 1:1 Support

Receive 8 private sessions with Stephanie for personalized diet & lifestyle recommendations with ongoing support to maintain sustainable growth.

Individualized Protocols

Receive high-level custom strategy through personalized protocols and curated lifestyle recommendations designed so you can find balance.

Functional Lab Testing

Get the Gold Standard functional lab testing to reveal the data, provide clarity, and address the root cause of your health concerns.

Meal Planning Guidance

Get organized meal planning resources that provide support as you focus on nourishment for yourself and your family.

Personalized Supplements

Access an exclusive discount to practitioner-grade supplements for the cleanest, most effective solutions.

Exclusive Discounts

Gain access to products I believe in for quality and effectiveness – all hand picked to make life simpler & healthier for you and your home.

This transformational program combines the best functional + holistic approach – because you deserve to thrive.

How it works

Free Consult

We’ll have an initial chat where you’ll tell me about your nagging symptoms, where they’re getting in the way of your life, and how you desire to feel in your mind + body on a daily basis.

Health Review

Next, we’ll take a serious deep-dive into your health story, allowing me to understand the FULL picture and provide my highest recommendations for gut restoration and balanced wellbeing.


If it’s the right fit, you’ll join my Signature Gut Health Program: a 4-Month program that will fit seamlessly into your life, resolve your gut issues & allow you to reclaim your health.

Comprehensive Health Review

The Comprehensive Health Review is a deep dive into your lifestyle, health history, and current symptoms. I’ll provide expert recommendations for gut restoration and sustainable well-being, unlocking your body’s innate capacity for healing and resilience.

  • Case Review (60 min)
  • Personalized Recommendations for lab options and beginning lifestyle changes
  • Your customized plan for the 4 month program 

Single Session

What's Included

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We’re a Perfect Match If…


You’re Ready to Take Back Control

With our approach, you’re not a passive recipient of care; you’re an active participant in your own well-being. Armed with insights, you gain the knowledge and tools needed to make informed choices and honor your intuition.


You Love Evidence-Based Care

All recommendations made are rooted in rigorous scientific research and clinical expertise, this approach combines the best of conventional medicine with cutting-edge insights from the field of Functional Medicine.


You Want a Plan Tailored to YOU

We recognize that each individual is unique, with their own distinct biology, genetics, and lifestyle. Through comprehensive assessments and advanced diagnostics, we uncover the underlying imbalances that may be impacting your health.


You Prefer Natural over Big Pharma

Natural medicine recognizes the body’s remarkable capacity for self-regulation and healing. By harnessing the power of plant-based remedies, holistic therapies, and lifestyle modifications, it seeks to support and enhance the body’s own innate intelligence.

Happy  Clients

“Life-changing experience”


“A Holistic Approach that Works!”

“I came to Stephanie frustrated with my gut issues. Her personalized approach was exactly what I needed. Through testing and some dietary adjustments, I’ve experienced significant improvements. I finally feel like I’m on the right path to optimal gut health!”


At first they’ll ask you why you’re doing it. Later they’ll ask you

how you did it

Have Questions?

What makes this program different from all the other things I’ve tried?

Our Functional Medicine Gut Health Method stands out for its holistic approach, tailored specifically for women. We focus not only on treating symptoms, but on understanding the root causes of gut health issues.

Our personalized protocols integrate the latest scientific advancements with time-tested natural remedies, ensuring a comprehensive and sustainable transformation. We provide dedicated support, empowering you with the knowledge and tools to take charge of your health journey.

Additionally, our program emphasizes long-term well-being, aiming for lasting results beyond temporary relief.

What will I learn from the stool testing you offer that’s different from what I’ve been told by my GI doc?

A Functional Medicine stool test offers valuable insights into your gut health. It provides a detailed analysis of your gut microbiome composition, identifying beneficial and potentially harmful bacteria, parasites, and pathogens.

 This test also assesses markers related to inflammation, digestion, absorption, and immune function. Additionally, it evaluates the presence of any imbalances or dysfunctions in your gut ecosystem.

This comprehensive information enables us to create a personalized plan that addresses the specific imbalances in your gut, leading to a more effective and tailored approach to improving your overall health and well-being.

What is the cost of the program?

Investment begins at $395 for the Comprehensive Health Review. The Balanced Biome Signature Program is a 4-figure investment and is all-inclusive. This includes all of your sessions, custom protocols, functional labs, lab analysis, and messenger support throughout the entire journey. 

Do you accept insurance?

The functional testing and methods we use are considered above the standard of care and are not covered by insurance.

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It's Time To Take Charge

This isn’t just a consultation – it’s the beginning of a partnership in your pursuit of well-being.

We’re committed to equipping you with the knowledge and tools you need to take an active role in your health. Together, we’ll navigate the path to optimal well-being, ensuring you feel empowered and in control every step of the way.